Soulja Boy had quite a few laughs at Meek Mill and Diddy's expense during an Instagram live session recently in which he realized he was wearing the same hoodie as a friend.

Soulja Boy Throws Shots at Meek Mill and Diddy

In an Instagram Live video that began circulating on the internet Monday (June 10), Soulja Boy appears to be in a Sprinter as he starts recording himself. While speaking to his IG followers, the rapper says that he and a friend in the vehicle are wearing the same hoodie. Big Draco throws some shots at Meek Mill and Diddy in the process as he laughs through the moment.

"Aye, man, just ’cause me and this n***a got the same hoodie, mane, No Diddy, mane," Soulja says in the clip, which can be seen below. "I ain't on that Meek-Mill Diddy s**t. Ain't that right, gang?"

"On gang, we ain't on that s**t," Soulja's friend replies.

"I ain't on no Diddy s**t, man," the rhymer adds. "He just so happened to get the same hoodie I got, bro. I ain't on that Diddy s**t, bruh."

The phrase "No Diddy" popped up as new slang earlier this year to replace the old term "no homo" in light of the sexual assault allegations against Diddy.

"No homo" became popular in the 1990s after rappers like Cam'ron used it in their lyrics and everyday conversation as a way to dispel any insinuations of homosexuality. It's an offensive term that has faded over the years, but with Diddy grabbing negative headlines over the last eight months due to the many wild claims against him, a fresh twist on the problematic slang emerged.

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Why Is Meek Mill Dragged Into Soulja Boy's Jokes?

Meek Mill being dragged into Soulja Boy's jokes stems from their own back-and-forth earlier this year. There's a bit of a backstory to connect the dots. This past February, Diddy was sued by producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones for sexual assault, harassment and unpaid work. In the court filing, Lil Rod alleged that the rap mogul claimed to have had sex with a rapper. The name of the artist was redacted, but was described at the bottom of the document as "a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj." The internet went to work trying to find out who it was and pointed fingers at Meek Mill.

DJ Akademiks insisted that Meek Mill publicly address whether he had sex with Diddy, causing Ak and Meek to get into a nasty beef on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Three months later, Soulja had his own beef with producer Metro Boomin over an old tweet Metro wrote slighting Soulja. The rapper felt so offended that he decided to insult Metro's deceased mother by writing distasteful tweets aimed at her. "Dig that n***a mama up and throw her back in that b***h" and "I’m smoking mama metro in a fat a*s wood rn" were just a few of his shocking statements.

Meek Mill weighed in on Soulja Boy's antics on X, which didn't sit well with Soulja either. "Soulja if you say you're gonna smoke somebody and they see you and actually smoke you it's self defense," Meek wrote. "Y'all losing touch if reality for some likes and clout insane."

Soulja clapped back with the quickness. "Didn't Diddy f**k u in the a*s?" Soulja Boy posted in a retweet of a screenshot of Meek's own tweet. It's apparent Soulja Boy will continue to connect Meek Mill and Diddy in any way possible.

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Check out Soulja Boy taking an unnecessary jab at Meek and say "No Diddy" in the video below.

Watch Soulja Boy Throw Shots at Meek Mill and Diddy

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