New footage of the 6ix9ine beatdown has surfaced.

The internet is still reeling from seeing video of 6ix9ine being pummeled by a trio of men in a South Florida LA Fitness bathroom. On Thursday morning (March 23), new footage surfaced of the brutal stomp-out (below). This clip lasts over a minute and shows the trio of men who assaulted the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper-federal informant delivering a bevy of blows by way of feet and hands. All the security-less rapper can do to defend himself is cover up in a ball on the dirty bathroom floor and try to guard his vital areas.

The video lasts for 1 minute, 34 seconds and shows Tekashi absorbing haymakers and tennis shoe soles for most of the duration. At one point, one of the men grabs 6ix9ine by his hair and delivers a swift punch to the rapper's already bloody face. The beating appears to still be going on as the video concludes. The video lacks sound, so it doesn't provide any context to the motive for the beating.

Another new video has surfaced that shows 6ix9ine being heckled as he leaves the bathroom post-stomp-out. In the clip, a bruised and bloody 6ix9ine is seen being chaperoned out of the building by a man who pushes away the man pointing a camera in Tekashi's face.

"Police can't help you now," the man behind the camera yells.

Video first surfaced of 6ix9ine getting jumped on Tuesday night (March 21) and quickly went viral, drawing a plethora of comments. Wack 100 weighed in, as well as Boosie BadAzz.

Since the assault, video footage has surfaced of the alleged attackers entering the gym right before the beatdown took place. 6ix9ine's bodyguard has also challenged Tekashi's attackers to a fight. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has also released a statement about the incident.

See New Footage of 6ix9ine Getting Jumped in a LA Fitness Bathroom Below

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