Jim Jones compares Pusha T and No Malice to slaves and says Kanye West gave them whips on his new diss track that has social media buzzing.

Jim Jones Disses Pusha T and No Malice on His Diss Track

On Saturday (June 24), Jim Jones responded to Pusha T with his diss track and video called "Summer Collection" on the 4 Shooters Only YouTube channel. On the song (below), Jim is spitting lyrical shots at both Pusha T and his brother No Malice. The Harlem rapper held no punches and threw several lyrical jabs at the Thornton brothers.

Over the instrumental of the Clipse's song that debuted at Pharrell Williams' Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring-Summer 2024 show in Paris last week, Jim took aim at Push and No Malice.

"These two roach n***as don't know what to do with no ray/Kanye gave you whips/But that’s what they do to the slaves," he raps.

Jim then delivered a lyrical punch at Push rapping, "The only beef you know n***a, is the Arby's or the Big Mac/When we drive through, we drive-by in the car with the big macs/That last s**t you dropped/That s**t was garbage/Take that s**t back."

Jim later added: "Really doe, enough of the jokes it's how n***as get embarrassed/If you really got some money, I'll catch you n***as out in Paris (What's up)."

Capo also poked fun at Pusha's fashion sense, suggesting that he needs a stylist because the clothes that he wears make him a "fly b***h."

Near the end of his response song, Jim addressed his critical remarks about Pusha T being on Billboard and Vibe's controversial 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time list. As you may know, the veteran rhymer felt that Push shouldn't be on the list at all.

"I don't know if you are a rapper, I said shoot you like a street opp (how you want it?)/I know that Top 50 list that was a cheap shot (ooo!)/I could imagine what you are going through (laughs)," he raps.

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Why Is Jim Jones Responding to Pusha T?

Last week, Jim Jones responded to the Clipse song that made its debut at Pharrell's first Louis Vuitton show as Creative Director in Paris. On the song, Pusha T delivers several subliminal shots at the Dipset member. In one verse, the Virginia rapper dissed the diamond necklaces and accessories that he wears.

"And those lab diamonds under inspection/The question marks block your blessings/It's no tombstones in the desert/I know by now you get the message," rapped Push.

Jones, in an Instagram post, was not impressed.

"That was not a top 50 verse," he said. "Not at all. Still not in my top 50."

"That verse did not make the list champ, it was cute," Jim also wrote in the caption.

It's Pusha T's turn now. Get your popcorn ready. This is getting good.

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Watch Jim Jones' Pusha T Diss Track "Summer Collection" Below

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