Cam'ron had some choice words for Kim Kardashian after she trolled her sister Kendall Jenner by wearing a T-shirt with five images of Kendall's exes.

Cam'ron Goes Off on Kim Kardashian for Taunting Kendall Jenner With "Starting Five" Shirt

The latest episode of Cam'ron and Ma$e's It Is What It Is show, which debuted on Tuesday (June 13), closed with Killa giving his thoughts on Kim Kardashian recently poking fun at her sister's dating history by wearing a shirt featuring Kendall's NBA ex-boyfriends. Cam blasted Kim for the joke.

"I think the b***h got a lot of au-f**kin’-dacity," Cam snapped. "B***h, you started off f**king Ray J, why do people ignore that? And now you want to taunt your sister like she got mad n***as. She got it from you."

Cam continued: "Your starting five consists of athletes and entertainers. First of all, we got the head coach, Ray J, we got Reggie Bush, and then she married that basketball player that wasn’t s**t and found out he wasn’t s**t and curved that n***a. Then she started f**king with another athlete, then she got with Kanye and had kids then got into an argument with Kanye and then rushed to go f**k Pete Davidson. B***h, your line-up is wild, too. You got a lot of nerve, man."

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Kim Kardashian's Viral "Kendall's Starting Five" Shirt

Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian shared a video on TikTok showing he primping her daughter North's hair. In the clip, Kim is wearing a shirt that reads "Kendall's Starting Five" and has the images of five of Kendall's exes: NBA players Blake Griffin, Devin Booker, Jordan Clarkson, Ben Simmons and Kyle Kuzma.

Bootleg versions of the "Starting Five" T-shirt are now being sold all over the internet.

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Watch Cam'ron Go Off on Kim Kardashian for Taunting Kendall Jenner by Wearing "Kendall's Starting Five" T-Shirt Below

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