There aren't many ways to eat a chicken wing, or so we all thought. Check out this person's "hack."

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The chicken wing was invented at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York in 1964. Allegedly. That's the most widely accepted story. One person claims they were actually invented in Pavillion, NY in the 1950s. CLICK HERE for more on that. Either way, they were born in Western New York and the best still come from Buffalo.

Generally, there aren't too many ways to eat a wing. There are the 2 handed methods of going around the wing with each bite, as well as the put the whole thing in your mouth and take everything off in one swoop method.

Then there's this, which was posted to Tik Tok recently, and it's baffled many in the home of the wing.

He claims this is the ONLY way to eat a wing, which is incorrect. It is certainly interesting. Ranch is absolutely WRONG. It's blue cheese or no dipping sauce. Also, those wings look soggy, which is also wrong. The technique might be worth a try, but everything else he recommends is a hard no.

Would you try this?

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