Since 1964 when Chicken Wings were invented in Buffalo, there has been a big debate about which wing type is better...Drumsticks or Flats?

Everyone in Western New York has an opinion and of course, they have their reasons for liking one style over the other.

For me, I am Team Drumstick all the way and I will share my reason in a second, but before I get to them I want to be perfectly clear that if there is a bunch of flats sitting in front of me I am going to eat them!

But when given the choice, here are the reasons I choose drumsticks.

They Are Easier To Eat

Drumsticks are WAY easier to eat than flats. It takes only one hand, you don't have to worry about turning and twisting. You just eat it like corn on the cob.

They Are Easier To Hold only takes one hand to eat that leaves your other hand to grab another one or an ice-cold beer.
#3 - They Are Easier To Dunk In Blue Cheese

They Are Easier To Dunk In Blue Cheese

When you order wings, you usually get your blue cheese in small cups. With a drumstick, you can get maximized coverage of meat with blue cheese since most of the meat is at the top of the drumstick.
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More Meat

Most drumsticks come with a ton of meat at the top of the drumstick and plenty of meat on the bone. With flats, you have to dig for the meat and you only get little sections. Drumsticks are meatier!

Drumsticks Are Cleaner Than Flats

Yes, with drumsticks the end of the meal is way cleaner than with flats. You only have to use one hand, you are not digging your face into the wing to get sauce all over you. Plus there are fewer bones to toss away when you are done!
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