If you are like most Western New Yorkers, the start to your day begins with a trip to Western New York's favorite coffee shop.

Every morning the lines are long as people wait to grab a double-double or their favorite drink at a local Tim Hoton's.

Tim Horton's is a part of many people's daily lives and has become so vital to some people that several different musicians have written and recorded songs about the Canadian bakery and coffee shop.

Check out 5 songs that are about Tim Horton's

"The Tim Horton's Song" - The Golden Beavers

The Golden Beavers are a band from Hamilton, Canada, and really love Tim Horton's.

Hey There Tim Horton's - ORG-Scintilla

ORG-Scintilla is a comedian from Canada.


"Tim Hortons" - Sherry Mann

Sherry Mann is a singer and songwriter from India.


Tim Horton's - Pretty Gray

Pretty Gray is rapper who released this song about Tim Horton's in 2019.

The Ballad of Tim Horton's - The Arrogant Worms

The Arrogant Worms are a comedy trio from Canada.

It is amazing how much Tim Horton's has impacted the lives of people and how much it has become part of the culture in Canada and Western New York.

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The coffee chain is named after its co-founder and former hockey player Tim Horton. Tim Horton was a defenseman who played in the NHL for 24 seasons and was named one of the best 100 players in NHL history.


Tim Horton (The Person) along with Jim Charade opened up the first Tim Horton's in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario.


If you drive around Western New York, it seems that there is a Tim's on every corner. In fact, there are over 5300 Tim Horton's locations in 15 different countries. Currently, there are 37 different Tim Horton's locations in Western New York.

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