Living in Western New York, we hear it all. It is always snowing, your team never won a championship, and there is nothing to do.

I love proving people wrong and everywhere I lived I loved telling people how amazing Buffalo and Western New York is.

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The first question that most of us get asked is if we eat wings for every meal. Or another question we get asked a million times is, does it snow every single day of the year?


Here are some myths about Queen City and Western New York that people believe but that are just not true.

1. It Always Snows - Sure it snows here in Winter but it doesn't always snow. Buffalo is an amazing place to be there the three other seasons. Spring, Summer, and Fall offer so much to do and Buffalo has so much to do when it doesn't snow.

man with a snow blowing machine


2. Wings Are The Only Thing We Eat - Yes, Buffalo is home to the chicken wing, but we have so many more amazing foods to devour for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. From Beef on Weck to sponge candy and all the delicious foods in between Buffalo is a hotbed of culinary delights.

Football Fans And Competitive Eaters Attend Annual "Wing Bowl"

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3. Buffalo Is Located In Upstate New York - When you look at a map of New York State, you will notice Buffalo is in the Western part of New York, hence Buffalo is in Western New York.


4. That We Never Win Anything - The Buffalo Bills won 4 straight AFC Champions, The Buffalo Sabres won the Eastern Conference in 1998-1999 and the Buffalo Bandits have won the NLL Championship four times.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins

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5. We Are Only 10 Minutes From New York City - Anytime you tell someone that you are from Buffalo, they always assume that you are from the City. Of course, we all know that Buffalo is about a 7 or 8-hour drive from New York City.

New jersey 295 detour New York or Atlantic city


6. There Is Nothing To Do Here - People always assume since Buffalo is smaller than NYC that there is nothing to do here but in reality, there are plenty of things to do here in Western New York. From the amazing hiking trails to the breweries, there is something to do for everyone.

On The Way To Summer

Niccolo? Simoncini

7. The Canadian Side Of The Falls Is Better - Sure they have more restaurants and businesses, but on the American side of the Falls, there is plenty to do. Plus the hiking trails on the American side are awe-inspiring and get you close to the water.

Niagara Falls, New York


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