To say the last few days in Western New York have been weird would be an understatement. Just recently, a more than 700-pound alligator was found in Hamburg that was seized by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Then, yesterday, there were social media reports of a privately owned tiger on the loose in Rochester.

While weird news isn't all weird in the 716 and 585, it goes without saying that all sorts of randomness are happening lately.

Now, it seems that the same tiger, or one remarkably similar to the one that was on the loose in Monroe County, New York, has made its way down the New York State Thruway to Western New York and has been spotted in Lackawanna, at least according to a post shared on Facebook by user Joshua Zierk.

Who knew that tigers knew how to drive or could travel more than 60 miles through several populated areas to hang out at the Basilica?

Or, after a quick Google Images Search, you'll figure out that this tiger has been 'spotted' all over the country, from Florida to California, Louisiana, and just about anywhere else you can think of in between.

Now, for the record, as a proud Buffalo State Bengal, I'm not surprised to hear about Bengals pausing in the middle of the day, but again, this takes that to a new level.

While yes, there are alligators in Hamburg, cougars patrolling Chippewa, and lions & bears at the Buffalo Zoo, there are not any tigers in Lackawanna.

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