We all know that living in New York is amazing. From the city to the rolling hills of Central New York to the amazing landscape of Western New York there is one city in New York that is now a favorite of a famous comedian.

This weekend, stand-up comedian and TV host Adam Conover took to Instagram to share what city in New York is now his favorite place in the entire country.


Adam Conover is an American comedian, writer, voice actor, television host, and labor organizer. He is also known as the host of the TV series "Adam Ruins Everything"


According to his Tik Tok page, while prepping for his shows at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, New York, Adam announced that the Queen City is now his new favorite city in America.

Here is why:

@adamconover Buffalo tour diary @heliumcomedybuffalo ♬ original sound - Adam Conover


In the video, you can watch Adam get blown away by the architecture of the City of Buffalo. He takes a look at Hutch Tech High School, Buffalo City Hall, and the Georgia Deli at 272 Georgia Street which is attached to a big brick Victorian era home.

Of course, Buffalo is more than just some pretty building.

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