The NFL schedule is hopefully going to be released soon.  If you had the choice to see the Bills on Thanksgiving or Christmas, which would you choose?

The last couple of years have been a bit of an adjustment for Bills fans to have to make.  For years and years, we couldn't buy a primetime game in the NFL.  They just weren't good enough to make it.  When we did get a primetime game, it was like we were the professional wrestler that you'd never heard of wrestling the biggest name in the WWE on a Saturday morning.  We were just there to make the good teams look even better.

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Then Josh Allen came along and everything seemed to change.  The Bills started to win and they were super exciting to watch.  Suddenly we got a few.  Then we got more and more.  Now the schedule is all over the place.  You really have to pay close attention to remember when games will be.

It's been a huge tradition to have NFL football on Thanksgiving and over the last couple of years we've had them on Christmas.  Primetime games in the NFL could really be considered any game that is played outside of the Sunday 1pm or 4pm game.  That would include games on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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It's pretty unlikely that a team will play on both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So if you had to choose between the two, which would you choose?

I would say the better option is Thanksgiving.  It's a date when we are already watching football.  Normally aside from a parade in the morning, and dinner in the afternoon, there probably isn't that much else that you have to do (besides the dishes and cleaning up).

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Christmas just seems like a busier day.  There's so much "hustle and bustle" around Christmas that it would seem like there would be too much going on to enjoy it.

Plus, The Bills have a perfect record on Thanksgiving.  They haven't lost with Josh Allen under center on turkey day.  While his record is great in December (17-8), I wouldn't want to take the chance of ruining people's moods with a possible loss on Christmas day.

Which would YOU prefer?  Christmas?  Or Thanksgiving?

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