There are more and more recall alerts than ever these days and this week, the cause of a recent salmonella outbreak has been linked to product that may have been sold in New York State.

While there are many drawbacks to social media, one benefit is that news and information travels quickly and could help to keep people safe. Among the recent and active recalls, Ford is warning about a battery issue with their Bronco lines.

But beyond vehicle and appliance recalls, food recalls are a big thing. Companies have a responsibility to alert consumers and Trader Joe's has an announcement.

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A recent salmonella outbreak has been linked to basil that was sold at various Trader Joe's in multiple states.

The FDA Reports that, "Trader Joe’s has already voluntarily removed all Infinite Herbs-brand organic basil packed in 2.5-oz clamshell packaging from their store shelves and this product should no longer be available for sale to customers at their stores".

The spring and summer of 2024 are moving in quickly and more and more people are considering a backyard garden. With the high cost of everything and recalls over various food from stores, it may be a good idea for families to grow their own food. If that is not possible, roadside and local food stands not only support local farmers, it shows people where their food comes from.

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