With the holidays right around the corner, Western New York is about to be filled with visiting friends and family. 

Back in 2005, the Buffalo Niagara Cultural Tourism Initiative reported that the Buffalo Niagara region brought approximately 16 million visitors to the area every year. Although that number has probably fluctuated in recent years thanks to travel restrictions from the pandemic, Buffalo is still a popular tourist destination for travelers worldwide.. 

As much as we enjoy it when friends and family who live outside of the area come and pay us a visit, sometimes we get stuck showing people we’re not particularly fond of around Buffalo - especially around the holidays. 

For example:

  • The pretentious “foodie” uncle who insists they have to try Buffalo wings IN BUFFALO. 
  • The Jets-loving brother-in-law who asks if they can tailgate with you at the Bills game because they’re so “crazy.”
  • The extended family who lives abroad that you barely know but insists you take them to Niagara Falls. 
  • The college-freshman younger cousin who asks you to meet them on Chippewa just to ditch you for their high school friends.


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Sure, Buffalo has tons of great places to show off to visitors (and we are the "City of Good Neighbors," after all).

But what if you’re tasked to be a Western New York tour guide for someone you don’t even like? Or worse - someone you can’t stand?

We asked you via social media where you would take someone in the Buffalo area if you didn’t like them, and you definitely didn’t hold back. 

Honestly, some of the answers were a little terrifying - but we hate to say that we could relate to many of them. 

Here’s where Buffalo residents would take someone visiting from out of town that annoys the heck out of them. 

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