If there’s one thing Buffalo knows, it’s food

From chicken wings to pizza to beef on weck, Buffalo residents sure do have a lot of great local places to grab some grub. Foodies from around the country seem to agree; which is exactly why, time after time, you’ll see a restaurant in our humble Buffalo, New York area make a national “best of” or “must try” list. 

Do we publicly act annoyed by the culinary attention? Of course. But do we secretly love it? You bet we do. 

Buffalonians like to pretend that our favorite local spots are our own little secret, but we can’t help but beam with pride when more and more out-of-towners realize that some of the best food in New York State is in our backyard - 6 hours away from the big city.

Don't just take our word for it, either. A website that specializes in guiding travelers to hidden gems named one of our local eateries on their “bucket list” of places to eat in New York State. 

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What Makes A Restaurant Bucket-List Worthy in Buffalo, NY?

Because Western New York is full of amazing places to dine, it’s tough to determine which Buffalo restaurants are the cream of the crop. Every person you talk to here in the 716 has their own differing opinion on which restaurants are the best of the best. 

The general consensus seems to be that a top-notch eatery needs to have not just amazing food, but also a great atmosphere that keeps customers coming back again and again. 

So which local spot checked both of those boxes for a popular travel blog?

Toutant In Buffalo Named A Must-Try Restaurant In New York State

Believe it or not, it isn’t one of our famous local delicacies like wings or pizza that put us on this New York foodie travel map. 

Toutant Buffalo Outside
Philip F. Via Yelp/Canva

Toutant, a hot spot on Ellicott Street in downtown Buffalo for years,  was included in Only In Your State’s 12 Best Restaurants To Try in New York State.

Toutant seems to nail both important “bucket list” aspects for the website, describing it as “a taste of the south in a beautiful upscale setting.”

“From the cast iron skillet cornbread to the pork rind cracklins to the tasty collard greens, this place is incredible! It's almost like traveling down to Louisiana with your tastebuds... almost.”

Toutant Inside
Tamar K. via Yelp/Canva

Considering it’s sitting at a 4.2 out of 5 on Yelp with nearly 600 reviews, it seems safe to say that many Buffalo foodies agree. 

Even though it’s certainly on the pricey side (be prepared to spend at least $30 for an entrée), Toutant’s menu of fried chicken, shrimp and grits, and other southern specialties is definitely drool-worthy. 

Toutant Buffalo Menu
Michael R., Crystal N., Julie C., Amy H. via Yelp/Canva

If you’ve never been before, maybe 2024 is a good time to check Toutant off your Buffalo restaurant bucket list! Or, if you’d prefer to stick to our regional dietary staples of wings and weck, the good news is your corner bar and restaurant won’t be as packed as Toutant with out of town visitors. 

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