The cold and wet weather are back in New York State and with it, the spread of what appears to be a nasty, but short lived, flu.

The spring break week is about half over and as families travel back and forth, some may be dealing with longer lines in airports and more traffic on the New York State Thruway. There seems to be a large increase in the amount of people taking advantage of the week off.

But the spring is also blossoming a stomach bug that has people down and out for a day or two.

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According to the New York State Flu Tracker, the cases are steady or on the rise in a few counties.

Erie County, in Western New York, had over 500 reported cases last week! Outside of the New York City region, that is by far the biggest number of cases. Suffolk and Westchester were over the 900 and 1000 cases mark as of last week.

Our kids have been sick this week as well. The flu is an intense , but quick bug that they have dealt with. There does not seem to be a fever, just stomach issues and fatigue.

Before you give your kids any over the counter meds, be sure to follow the advice from the New York State Department of Health.

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