Buffalo foods are unbeatable. When people move away for professional or personal reasons, they miss things like Bar-Bill wings, beef on weck at Charlie the Butcher's, Wegmans, Buffalo-style pizza and sponge candy.

I can't even fathom not having all of the great Buffalo foods at my disposal. Bison Dip recently announced they will ship their famous Bison French Onion Dip across the country for Buffalonians who moved away.

Another famous Buffalo food are Sahlen's hot dogs, which are served at Ted's Hot Dogs.

Ted's Hot Dogs serves up amazing hot dogs, shoestring fries, onion rings, burgers, loganberry and milkshakes.

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If you are planning on going to Ted's, you may want to do that tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 19th is National Hot Dog Day and Ted's Hot Dog posted that they are offering half-off hot dogs at all of their Western New York locations.

Ted's is known for offering a deal every National Hot Dog Day. Even back in 2019, they offered 92 cent hot dogs for their 92nd anniversary.

The proper order at Ted's is a hot dog that is left on the grill a little longer than normal (maybe even two hot dogs), shoestring fries, a loganberry and milkshake...that's the true Buffalo experience.

It's probably going to be a little busier than normal at Ted's Hot Dogs, so maybe avoid the lunch and dinner crowd if you can. Mid-afternoon might be the move.

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