Remember what it was like to get answers from someone in school?  It's even easier now, but some teachers may have found a way to limit the cheating.

No matter how you look at it, if the answers that you turn in to represent your thoughts in school didn't come from you, it's cheating.  Now, with all the extra options that students have to get answers, teachers are going out of their way to force them to think on their own.

Chat GPT is one of the biggest issues

Before this summer, most people hadn't heard of Artificial Intelligence, (AI) aside from the crazy stories in sci-fi movies.  It was something that was set in the future.  Most people never thought they'd see it in their lifetime  Then this summer it became a hot topic to talk about when Chat GPT became a reality.

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that uses natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue from information that is already on the internet.  Before we get too far, it's actually a pretty cool tool.  It can do all kinds of things and help to spark creativity like few other programs can.  But while it is kind of cool to have it explain topics that are hard to understand or to solve math problems that are difficult to solve on your own, it's been a bit of a roadblock for learning.

Students can use Chat GPT to do their work for them

What teachers are discovering is that while it can be a great tool for learning, many students use it to simply do their work for them.  They can ask it to simply write a paper on just about any topic and hit enter and they're done.

But that's not helping them to learn.

How do teachers get around kids using AI to do their work?

In September, surveyed 228 current high school teachers and college professors. Around two-thirds of them say they are resorting to handwritten assignments to combat ChatGPT use.  The idea is to simply make it harder for them to copy and paste from an AI-based platform.

Some other options include requiring students to type their work in class without access to Wi-Fi, Submitting assignments in stages to track students' progress, and including oral presentations along with their written work.

Would written assignments make it harder on teachers though?

It feels as though this is just making it harder on everyone.

Some tools that teachers do have are tools that will allow them to copy and paste the student's work into a search engine and let them know if it was created by artificial intelligence.  And it won't stop the students from simply handwriting the ChatGPT response.  It will make it take longer than the copy/paste method, but it will also make the teacher's work a little more difficult.

This is the world we live in these days.  Technology is making things easier and harder at the same time. Is there a way to curb the students from shorting themselves of education and also not make it extremely difficult for teachers to score their work?

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