There have been fewer things in the last decade that has taken a bigger hold on the pop-culture scene in the United States as Stranger Things.

Stranger Things debuted on Netflix in July of 2016 and it was an immediate hit.

The show has gone one for seven years, four seasons, with a fifth and final season set to debut sometime in 2024. The reason it caught the attention of so many viewers is because of the fact it combines genres, such as horror, comedy, suspense and action.

The characters are strong as well, with Eleven, Steve, Dustin, Nancy and Hopper hugely popular with fans.

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If you remember in season three, there was an ice cream shop in the mall called Scoops Ahoy that Steve and Robin worked at. Believe it or not, the ice cream from  Scoops Ahoy is now something you can buy.

Walmart locations in New York state are now selling Scoops Ahoy ice cream.

They come in different flavors as well, with pint-size containers that allows someone to have it all themselves or share it.

Stranger Things products are all the rage but it's hard to believe it took this long to have a Scoops Ahoy ice cream hit store shelves. Many people are pumped about this and I will definitely get a pint or two for our household.

Stranger Things' story will end with season five and it's one of the most anticipated seasons in television history. Hopefully we get a trailer for it in the near future.

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