The stairs are in!

The brand new High Mark Stadium is quickly being constructed over at Two Bills Drive. Which makes sense that it's happening quickly. After all, they have to get it up so they can start doing the rest of the inside work. If you have gone by recently, you probably have seen that a lot of the stairs have been constructed.

The infamous parking and tailgating lot, Hammers Lot, has been posting pictures regularly of the construction and it has been really fun to see. Take a look at some of the pictures below of the brand-new stairs that were put in. In addition, it seems like there was a little bit of a mistake the other day by the construction crew.


"Looks like they never shook up the premix gas in 1 of the cranes headed into da pit. Load of crete smoothers arrived". You can take a look at some of the pictures that were posted below in the post.

The Buffalo Bills stadium is expected to be ready to be used for the 2026 season.

Terry Pegula hired a new COO this week for the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. Pete Guelli, who has previously been with the Charlotte Hornets and the New York Giants is now in charge of some pretty big projects including the new Buffalo Bills Stadium and all of the new upgrades that Terry Pegula announced that will be happening at the Key Bank Center. Some of the arena upgrades will include a new roof and an absolutely massive video board.

Buffalo Bills Bus For Sale On Facebook Marketplace

This would be the ultimate bus to take to a Bills tailgate! Take a look at all of the pictures below.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Canva Image, Getty Images

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