Don't look now, but Christmas Day is just over one week away. We're nine days away from Christmas Eve and the official start of winter is one week away as well.

Other than one lake effect snow event, which dropped over a foot of snow in parts of New York off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, this has been a quiet and mild December. The weather leading up to Christmas should remain warmer than normal. Other than Sunday and Monday (rain turning into minor snow), we will remain quiet for the next 10 days.

However, the weather models are suggesting a change heading towards New Year's Eve.

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The current GFS weather model predicts snow and potentially significant snow for December 29th and 30th. It would be in the Ohio Valley and New York State.

The GFS weather models routinely change and because this is 14 days out, chances are this changes as well. Maybe less snow, maybe more, but it's at least worth keeping an eye on.

Ryan Hall also shares that a snowy patter is suggested with the weather models, but that it's still too early to tell what this turns into.

The Weather Channel's current forecast (again, could change) for December 29th says a few inches of snow for Buffalo.

We have been very fortunate for this warmer and quiet December, but the snowy pattern will likely swing back into high gear at some point, and appears it could be the end of the year for us in New York.

We still have three-plus months of the cold weather to get through.

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