Many areas in New York State have been getting hammered with snowfall and freezing temperatures this week, and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop any time soon. 

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Comparatively speaking, New York residents have had it pretty good so far this winter - but now that we’re finally starting to see some heavy snow, it’s time to bust out your trusty supply of rock salt

What Is Rock Salt?

Rock salt, also called road salt, is just halite - aka table salt - in its natural form (that’s why it’s a brownish color and not white). It’s been a go-to for years for keeping our New York State highways, streets, and sidewalks less slippery during bad winter weather. 

According to the EPA, rock salt is a cheap and effective way to melt snow and ice, but there’s also a downside. Although it’s relatively harmless to us, when used in large quantities,  rock salt can have corrosive effects that can damage cars, trucks, bridges, and roads over time -  resulting in approximately $5 billion dollars in repairs every year in the United States.

Out Of Rock Salt? Here’s What To Use Instead

Unfortunately, because the winter here in New York has been relatively mild so far, many of us may have forgotten to check on our rock salt supply before the bad weather hit.

If you forgot that you used up all of your rock salt last winter, what can you use instead on your slippery driveways and sidewalks?

You might think of venturing out to the store to pick up more, but the road conditions in your area might be too dangerous to drive.

Instead, you can try some of these easy and effective ways to battle icy surfaces around your home, without having to battle the crowds that descend on stores before a big winter storm.

Out Of Rock Salt? Try One Of These Household Hacks

Here are some surprising things you can find around the house to help with icy driveways and sidewalks across New York State.

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