It has been a long, anticipated wait for this good news, but it’s finally here. A popular restaurant in Western New York is making plans to reopen after having to close its doors years ago. 

Back in November 2021, the business owner shared the news on Facebook that he would have to “wrap [his] business up temporarily,” and many customers hoped that this was a sign that one day, he would reopen his doors to serve the community once more. 

Now, years later, it looks like it is coming to fruition!

A homemade Lebanese food joint that you may know as Poppa Pete’s is currently working out a way to return to the local community. 

The owner, Pete Deeb, has been kicking around the idea for a while as to whether or not he should reopen his business, but it seems that he has decided. 

He shared the news on the Poppa Pete’s A Lebanese Joint official Facebook page

Deeb wrote:

“I’ve come to realize I am lost without you. I want nothing but to open my business back up. I’ve spoken about it several times but now is the time. I am assembling my business plan and trying to aim for the spring with catering options and small dinner services. Looking for my community for support and any help or advice is much appreciated and cherished.

I will be looking for equipment again and I will be limited on funds so if you know anyone that would like to donate please send them my way. I definitely will be paying for good equipment but preferably 2nd hand. I will also be looking for a shared space with reasonable rent or a stand alone kitchen. Please do not hesitate to send me a message or advice. Thank you truly for always being there. I love you all."

Let’s get back in action.”

It sounds like we’ll be able to get some Poppa Pete’s in our very near future! 

For further information, you can email Poppa Pete’s contact, as published on their Facebook page. They can be reached at

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