New York State is one of the bets places to fish in the entire country. From fresh water fishing on the Great Lakes to going after something a little larger on the Atlantic Ocean, we are blessed to have some amazing places to fish.

When it comes to fresh water fishing, New York State is a destination for fishermen from around the world. Lake Erie offers some of the best small mouth bass fishing anywhere and dozens of tournaments are held on the lake each year.

But when April arrives, and the ice is gone from the lakes and streams, it is the trout fishing that is the draw. There is something special about a cold, crisp and quiet morning on the trout stream or lake. But a new report indicates that trout may be sparse in certain lakes around New York State.

According to reports, a new study...

found that only about 5% of Adirondack lakes may continue to maintain water that is cold and oxygenated enough to support cold-water species given current trends.

New York State does a great job of stocking ponds and streams with trout. In fact, it was just this past fall that the New York State DEC did a flyover drop to stock certain areas.

However, because of a variety of factors, the water in some of the lakes are becoming less and less healthy for fish like trout to thrive.

The study provides insights into changes in key ecosystem dynamics with potential consequences for the future of temperate lakes in the Adirondacks as well as elsewhere in northeastern North America and parts of Europe.

The statewide season for inland trout fishing typically starts at the beginning of April.

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