Everyone has their favorite burger place.  Now one of the big ones is expanding into the south towns.

Big news for people in Hamburg.  One of Buffalo's favorite burger joints is going to be opening soon in the village.

What is Mr. Sizzle's?

Mister Sizzle's is a burger restaurant that has been open in downtown Buffalo on Connecticut Street for a couple of years now.  They're known for their burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, shakes and fries.  They've even got a couple of featured burgers like the Pressy Messy, In a Jiffy, the Butter Burger and Daddy's Paddy.

In December they announced a second location, is this it?

In December, Mister Sizzles made two announcements.  They announced that they would be opening a new restaurant on Transit Road in Clarence, and a third location in the south towns.  They're still going through with the second location.  It hasn't opened yet but they're hoping it will be opening before the end of winter.

Where is this third location of Mister Sizzles going to be?

The news came through a social media post this afternoon.

The announcement was that a new location was coming to Hamburg soon.  The owners were standing in front of the soon-to-be new location at One Buffalo Street in the village of Hamburg.  Many will recognize this location as the former home of Juicy Burger.  They just closed their doors for the last time in December of 2023 right before Christmas.

When will the new location be opening?

According to the post, they're hoping to open it up soon!  They even mentioned that there will be a race to see who can open up first - the restaurant in the north towns or the newest one in the south towns!

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