Last year, he was screaming from the rooftops that the Buffalo Bills were going to win the Super Bowl.  Today, however, his tone changed while picking his Superbowl favorite.

Kyle Brandt made a lot of Buffalo Bills fans happy by picking the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl.  He's easily been their biggest cheerleader in the national media. Not only did he say they would win it, he screamed it.  He wore Zubaz and he came to Bar-Bill to eat wings where Josh Allen likes his wings.  He wore silly hats and he showed up to tailgate parties.

Then, when the Bills lost to the Bengals at home in the playoffs, he had to eat a little crow.

So this year, he has decided that he's not going to do that anymore.  He is retiring from doing all that for the Buffalo Bills.

"Everybody's abandoned the Bills.  Nobody likes you anymore.  Break up the team."

He goes on to say, "This is between us guys.  Don't talk about it, don't tweet it.  Just believe it."

Or should we say "Bill-ieve it?"

He definitely has a way of getting Bills Mafia riled up, doesn't he?

"Drop the confetti.  See you in Vegas.  Plan the parade and pray for the tables."

It all starts on Monday night.  The Bills have an incredibly difficult schedule this season.  They have to take on all of their bitter rivals including the Chiefs, the Bengals, the Dolphins, and this Monday night, the New York Jets.

It's definitely not going to be an easy run for them.  Hopefully, the adversity that they faced as a team last year will make them stronger and it will be enough to help them "get over the hump" as we've heard so many people say.

In Buffalo, we always say, there's always next year.  Well, next year is here.  This is the year to get it done.

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