We knew that Stefon Diggs and Von Miller both have an eye for fashion, but did you know that Josh Allen has a clothing collection that he's designed too?

Remember when Tom Brady came out with his first TB12 clothing line?  While it's not quite as elaborate as Tom Brady's first line, Josh Allen is following in his footsteps.  If you've watched the Buffalo Bills over the last 5 or so years, you know that many of the players are all about fashion.  Stefon Diggs has attended fashion week in Paris, and we all remember Von Miller's space suit, right?  Well, now our quarterback can say that he's got his own collection also.

Josh Allen's "Like A Farmer" collection

A couple of months ago, Josh Allen was a guest on a podcast called "Like A Farmer."  It's hosted by Pat Spinosa and his goal is to celebrate the American farmer and educate the American people.  He plans to interview athletes, musicians, and even overnight sensations.  He includes that he will talk with anyone who would like to join him on a journey to celebrate the American farmer.

Now, Josh Allen has teamed up with "Like A Farmer" for a line including a hoodie and a couple of differently designed hats.

The "Bloom Where You're Planted Hoodie"

People who wear hoodies (and that's just about everyone, right?) will be pumped to hear that Josh Allen has designed a hoodie.  It's a pretty simple design.  The hoodie comes in black and white and has the phrase "Bloom where you're planted" on the front.  There is a "JA" on the sleeve.  The hoodies sell for $75.

The Josh Allen Hat

Also included in the collection are two hats that were both designed by Josh.  They are pretty simple designs also.  The first has the "Like A Farmer" logo on the front and a "JA" on the side.  The other says "Homegrown"  with the "Like A Farmer" logo on the front and has the same "JA" on the side.  The hats both sell for $31.99 each, or you can get them as part of a bundle with the hoodie for $106.

The website says that by buying the merch, you are also supporting agriculture.

"Through your support and purchase of AgAmerica and Like a Farmer gear, you support AgAmerica Giving® and the future of agriculture."

You can find them all by clicking here.

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