Jordan Poyer is taking some time to enjoy the festivities of Pro-Bowl weekend, and yesterday proved that Josh Allen isn't the only Buffalo Bill with golf skills.

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I know...technically, he's a free-agent unless the Bills can find a way to get him signed back to the roster.  In our minds though, he's still a Buffalo Bill.  And Bills Mafia was excited for him to finally be invited to the Pro-Bowl - something that many of us thought he should have gotten a long time ago.

Regardless, he's there now and he's proving that not only does he have skills on the field, but he's got some skills on the greens too.  As part of the Pro-Bowl weekend, the players have all kinds of "skills competitions" that they can take part in. They're pretty cool too.  On the list this year are events like dodgeball, precision passing, kick-tac-toe (for the kickers) and more.  Poyer was taking part in a golf themed contest called a "long drive" competition between the NFC and the AFC.  The goal is to simply see who can drive a golf ball the furthest.

With 320 yards driven, Poyer helped to secure the win for the AFC.

Most football fans would agree that the format for Pro Bowl Weekend needed to be changed.  They changed to game to make it 3 flag football games instead of a half effort tackle game.  They changed some of the competitions leading up to it too and I have to admit, they look like a riot!  The dodgeball game was awesome.

As of right now, the AFC is killing it.  They lead the NFC 9-3.  If you'd like to watch them as they happen, they're set to start back up on Sunday at 3pm on ESPN and ABC.

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