Ever see a house go up for sale and wonder why it's so expensive?  This one is expensive but if you look through the pictures, you'll see why!

How many times have you been looking through real estate posts and wondered to yourself, "Why is THAT so expensive?"  Normally the homes are in affluent neighborhoods and that's enough to justify a hefty price tag.

Give us the specs of the house

They call it "The Cabin," but it's not like any cabin in the woods you've ever seen. The most basic way to describe it would be to talk about the square footage, bedrooms, and baths.  It's huge.  We're talking about a 16,975 square-foot cabin with 6 bedrooms and 7 baths.  They're asking $14.5 million.  That's easily the most expensive home I've ever seen for sale in Western New York.

In May there was one for sale that was on the market for $5 million.  That's the closest I've ever seen.

Where is this cabin?

Do you want privacy?  You'll have plenty of that.  The house itself is set on 180 acres in South Wales at 11571 Warner Hill Rd.  You should have plenty of space to spread out.

Every amenity is accounted for

This house is just incredible.  That's why it's so expensive.  It's got every amenity that a person could ever want in it.  Do you want a bar?  It's got a couple of them.  Do you want a sauna?  It has that.  Do you want a basketball court?  It has one indoors and one out. Fire pits, ponds, a pool, a workout center, and even an immaculate horse barn with an arena and extra room for a hayloft.

It even has a real 10-foot-in-diameter Western Red Cedar tree right in the foyer as soon as you walk in the door.

It is absolutely incredible.  Check out all of the pictures and be ready to be jealous that someone is going to live in this place.

Insane $14.5 Million Home For Sale In South Wales

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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