We love our pizza here in Buffalo.  Now there's a new way to enjoy it.  It's a whole different creation when it's made from ice cream!

We put all kinds of stuff on pizza in Buffalo

It feels like there are only a few things that belong on pizza.  However, in Buffalo, we try just about everything from the traditional toppings to things like barbeque chicken and waffle fries.  Just check out Macy's Pizzeria for some of the most unique options.  But we've never seen this before.

Ice Cream Pizza is a thing in Western New York

If you feel like it's time to expand your pizza palate, maybe it's time to try ice cream pizza.  It's being offered by an ice cream shop in Hamburg, New York called Two Scoops Ice Cream.

What is ice cream pizza?

No, it's not your average tomato pie.  Ice Cream Pizza is of course an ice cream treat that is made of a chocolate chunk cookie dough crust.  It is then filled with a chocolate/vanilla twist custard and then topped with cookie crunch, chopped M&M's, and a fudge drizzle.

Can you just stop in and get one?

These kinds of treats are normally best if you order ahead.  While you can just step up to the window and order cones, shakes, and other treats, something like this takes some time to make.  They encourage you to call ahead or to order online through their website.

Does this sound like something you'd want to try?

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