The winter of 2024 is flying by and the fresh air of spring will be here before we know it! Truthfully, we can't really complain about the weather this winter in New York State. As of now, the weather has been rather mild except for a few storms.

When the spring arrives, we open the windows, get outdoors more often and get more exercise. It seems that in the spring, we turn the corner away from colds and the flu and COVID. However, there is new research that shows some people should consider getting a COVID booster this spring!

We are approaching the 4th anniversary of the start of the COVID pandemic already. Perhaps you had "the shot" or a booster. Some have had more than three!

Health Alert For The Spring In New York State

The CDC is considering whether to recommend another Covid booster shot this spring, especially for people who are most vulnerable to Covid complications, such as older people and those with weak immune systems.

In the four years since the COVID pandemic started, thing have changed so much. It seems one of the biggest has been overlooked. It feels like more people are "germ aware" and protecting themselves better against colds and flu and COVID. We are naturally distancing ourselves from one another in public settings, we wash our hands and sanitize more often and some still choose to wear masks in public.

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