Buffalo is a hidden gem. We know this in Western New York, but it truly is a place to raise a family. The people are nice, the food is great, you get all four seasons and the affordability of rentals and home purchases. Yes the state taxes are not the best, but compared to many other top 60 markets, Buffalo is really a great place to buy a home.

We also have plenty of newer, gorgeous homes that run north of $1 million. These are homes not everyone can afford, but give the region some amazing-looking neighborhoods and scenic views.

One of latest million-dollar homes on the open market is definitely something to behold and it's located in the north towns.

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Listed on Zillow for $1.5 million, this amazing home in Clarence offers incredible view in the front and back yard. It also has its own lake in the backyard, that is shared with nearby homes.

The back patios are gigantic. There's one at ground level, as well as one on the second deck, with gives you views of the water and surrounding area. There's also a firepit to enjoy an evening with friends and family.

The space inside is huge. The home is built in a way to offer the most possible space; you can see this in the kitchen, dining and living room, as well as the bedrooms.

The bathrooms are also incredible and modern. They even have televisions inside them. Truly a remarkable home to look through.

Check out some photos below.

$1.5 Million Clarence Home Has Backyard Lake

Step inside this amazing home in Clarence, with comes with a backyard lake.

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