We're almost to the weekend, which means many in Western New York will be going out with family and friends to bars and restaurants for well-deserved rest and relaxation.

One of the things that locals in Buffalo do religiously every weekend is go out for drinks and wings.

Everyone in Buffalo has their own opinions on who has the best wings. The cool part about Western New York is that many places have good wings. There are literally dozens of places that serve wings that would be considered the best wings in numerous other cities and towns across the country.

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Most Western New Yorker residents bring up the same few places though: Bar-Bill Tavern, Nine-Eleven Tavern, Elmos, Mammoser's, Duff's, etc.

A few new Bills players have their own opinion on which wings are the best in Buffalo.

Some of the Bills rookies trued Wingnutz recently and they all claim it's the best place for wings in Buffalo. That includes second round pick O'Cyrus Torrence and third round pick Dorian Williams.

They went there when they had rookie minicamp but came back just two weeks later to try some more Wingnutz.

Despite Wingnutz only being around for the last several years, they have quickly gotten the reputation for being one of the best wing places in Buffalo, which is high praise. They are that great though.

This location was at Froth Brewing Company in North Buffalo.

Hopefully they get to visit more places and create their own "best wings" rankings, which is something all Buffalo Bills fans have.

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