The Buffalo Bills will be in the market for a quarterback again.  Their backup plan from last year has just agreed to move on to another team.

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Aside from the short period of time that Josh Allen was the backup to Nate Peterman in his rookie year, he has been the starter in Buffalo.  But his backup has been different just about every year.  Now it looks like that trend will continue in 2023.

Josh Allen's Backups through the years

In the time that Allen has been here, he's had players like Nate Peterman, Matt Barkley, Mitch Trubisky, and Case Keenum to be his backup.  Peterman has gone on to multiple teams since he left Buffalo.  Trubisky moved on to what he thought would be a better opportunity to become a starting quarterback in Pittsburgh.  He unfortunately lost that job part of the way through the season last year.

Case Keenum is moving on

Now, it looks as though the Bills will be looking for another backup once again.  Today the news was released that Case Keenum has agreed to sign with the Houston Texans.

Keenum has played with a number of teams in his career with the NFL but he will be heading back to where he started it with Gary Kubiak as his coach.

What's next for the Bills?

Matt Barkley signed a one year deal with the Bills in March of 2022.  He would be the person that most would expect to back up starting quarterback Josh Allen for the 2023 season at this point unless the Bills find a more suitable option.

One player that some people have guessed would be a good fit is former Washington Commanders QB Carson Wentz.  Wentz has played for teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Washington Commanders.

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