I think most of the Bills Mafia would agree that this was a historic moment in football history. 

Normally, whenever we think of football players supporting the Buffalo Bills in the stands, the first one that comes to mind may be Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

Fitzpatrick has attended several Bills games as just a fan, and he has even done the Bills Mafia thing of ditching his shirt in the bitter cold. 

I mean, how could anyone forget this? 

Fitzpatrick was at the game over the weekend, too…but he wasn’t ripping his shirt off this time. 

In fact, there was another football player in the stands who flashed the cameras, giving the NFL viewers quite a show…including his daughter that seemed taken aback by her dad’s actions at the game. 

Jason Kelce did not shy away from the Bills Mafia way of life. He proudly tailgated with Bills fans, did a bowling ball shot, and he got in the stands with everyone – without a shirt on.

You couldn’t have possibly missed this camera angle. 

You could catch a glimpse of Jason Kelce in the suite whenever the NFL showed Taylor Swift reacting to a play on the field, and you have to admit: it was awesome. 

The best part though? Jason Kelce’s daughter had witnessed her dad on the screen, and she was overall shocked. Kelce shared a screenshot of the text he received following the Buffalo - Kansas City game. 

In the post, Jason Kelce gave credit to Buffalo for being “awesome,” saying that “the energy is contagious.”

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