Yesterday, football fans around the world watched in disbelief as what should have been a celebration turned into chaos in Kansas City.

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champs once again after beating the San Francisco 49ers this past Sunday in Las Vegas.  While it was tough to watch them celebrating again as a Bills fan, they earned it.  But the city didn't deserve what came after the parade had ended.

Two gunmen opened fire on the crowd shortly after the parade

Soon after the parade ended, someone opened fire into the crowd.  As the shots rang out confusion took over the crowd.  While some began to run and hide, others just stood there trying to figure out what was actually happening.  It sounded like fireworks cracking.

As fans began to scatter, the gunmen tried to make a run for it.  However, a couple of brave fans were able to tackle them and hold them down until police could take them into custody.

When it was all over, 22 people were taken to the hospital with injuries.  Nine of them were just children.  One person passed away.  Two people were taken into custody.

Where can you donate?

When things like this happen, Bills fans often gather together to help the cause.  Aside from jumping through tables, donating to great causes has become the calling card of Bills Mafia.  If you're wondering where to donate to help make a difference, many have decided to make donations to the hospital where the victims were taken shortly after the shooting took place.

The $22 donation amount is in honor of the 22 victims.  If you would like to join in with a donation, click here.

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