The snow is about to arrive and, in some locations, it will be snowing for a few days and it is likely that several feet of snow will be piling up. If you plan to enjoy the snow once the storm has passed, there are a few New York State laws that you should know.

This storm is mammoth. In fact, the Governor of New York and local officials have already issued a state of emergency. In one county, the elected officials will be issuing FEMA alerts to phones with important news and information related to the storm. It is not going to catch them off-guard, this time.

But for those who love the snow, and specifically snowmobiling, this storm is what we have been waiting for. We are waiting for the clubs to open the trails so we can get some miles on. The clubs are vital for keeping the trails maintained and the landowners happy. DO NOT ride on a trail that is closed.

Here in New York State, there are several laws pertaining to being on a snowmobile. But first and foremost, the law says you MUST REGISTER that sled if you plan to ride.

You must have a valid registration to ride your snowmobile in New York State. It is against the law to
-ride a snowmobile without a helmet
-operate a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or drugs

You can register at your local DMV or online via the DMV WEBSITE.

The other factors that come in to play with this storm is the wind damage and mud left under the snow. The clubs will be busy cleaning trees and branches away from the trails. The mud under the snow will cause an issue until we get that solid freeze that IS in the forecast next week.

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