If you have a cash card through the cash app, you will want to double check your most recent transactions. 

After one Cash App user accused the app of “changing the amounts of previous transactions,” many other people expressed similar grievances, and they have the receipts to prove it. 

You can see the post below from one Cash App user. 

“Y’all better close them cashapps and remove the linked accounts. They’re changing the amounts of previous transactions. NO MORE CASHAPP OR APPLE PAY CLIENTS.”

Based on the screenshots, it looks like transaction amounts have been changed to amounts that more than double the original fee, but surely it can’t be permanent. 

Cash App’s Response

Cash App has been working diligently to fix the technical issue. A communications officer for the app spoke on behalf of the company, saying "We have refunded incorrectly charged amounts for nearly all affected transactions and are working on refunding the rest. Your cash balance will now show that you've been refunded, but it may take up to 24 hours for Activity and receipts to be updated."

It sounds like the problem should be entirely resolved before the holiday weekend. 

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