You can go backstage at the Buffalo Bills Stadium for $500.

This could be a really cool Christmas gift for you and the family or maybe you and your office! If you want to have a private tour of Highmark Stadium, you can go for 500 bucks for your entire group. The only catch is that you have to request your date 14 days in advanced. The tour is for up to 25 people.

When you go to the Tour page on the Buffalo Bills website, there are options for both public and private tours. When you click on the public tours, there are none available right now. Public tours are done during the week and you need to purchase tickets in advanced. The previous price for tours were $20.

EXTRA: Did you know that there is a cemetery in the middle of one of the Buffalo Bills parking lots? It's only about 100 feet away from the entrance to Highmark Stadium. The Sheldon Family Cemetery is located between gates 6 and 7 at Highmark Stadium and there is a sign that explains the cemetery. According to and Buffalo Magazine:

Football games are played where once the Sheldon farmed, and before that, Erie Indians lived. The Sheldon started burying their dead in the plot near Gate 7 in the 1830's, according to John Printy, Orchard Park town historian. There are about a dozen marked graves and an unknown number of others. The last body was interred in the 1940s.

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