Well the 1st Day of Spring was yesterday and we at least have some bright sunshine today to prove it but the temperatures are not playing along!  We still have cold temps and by Thursday we could be back in to the mid 20's with a few Snow Flakes as well.


TUESDAY: Morning Clouds, Clouds Thin for the Afternoon, Some Fog along the Lakeshore, Turning Colder PM, High: 43-48, mid 40s metro, Wind: W 5-12/10-17

TUESDAY NIGHT: Scattered Snow Showers develop Tuesday evening, Partly Cloudy, Turning Colder, Low: 15-20, Wind: NW 10-20 G30

WEDNESDAY: Chance of a Morning Flurry, Becoming Sunny, Cold, High: 23-27, Wind: NW 10-18/5-12, Low: 15

THURSDAY: Sunshine, High: 35, Low: 30

FRIDAY: Rain Showers, Mostly Cloudy, Milder, High: 51, Low: 42

SATURDAY: Cloudy, Rain Showers, depending on temperatures there is a chance of a wintry mix, High: 45, Low: 38

SUNDAY: Cloudy, Light Rain Showers, High: 47, Low: 45

Here's the Extended Forecast:


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