Sometimes I scroll through Twitter or Facebook and certain things peek my interests. Usually, it's music or sports, but one recreational business caught my attention on Tuesday night that made me really wish there was a location here in Buffalo.

There's a relatively new business called "Puttshack" that is opening a new location in Nashville by 2023.

What is Puttshack you ask? Well, if you love mini-golf, food and beverages, then this place looks like a dream come true.

According to their website, Puttshack is an upscale, tech-infused mini-golf game with Trackaball technology. They also serve food and have a bar in every location.

They have locations in London, England, with locations coming to Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Nashville.

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Mini-golf is one of those fun activities that seemingly everyone loves. It doesn't really matter if you're not that great at it, the comradery with family and friends is what makes it fun. You put that same fun indoors with glowing lights, food and a bar? That sounds like a great idea.

There's no plan to have one in Buffalo anytime soon but next time I'm in Nashville (after 2023), I will definitely check it out. It looks so fun!

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