Being an independently owned dealer is hard enough, there are several things that you don't have access to like some of the bigger dealers, especially when it comes to repairing damaged paint jobs on your cars. As a person that has been in the car business for a very long time, I understand the cost that is associated with running a professional used car lot. No matter how good of a lot you have, or how professional you run your business when your lot gets hit like this, it's tough to recover.

So What happened?

According to WIVB, several cars were tagged and vandalized at C-and-K Auto sales on Elmwood Avenue, the perpetrators were caught on security cameras spraying the cars with spray paint. The vandals hit a total of 27 cars in 16 minutes, which really put the owners of the car lot in a bad spot. One of the main reasons this is such an issue is because of the number of chemicals that had to be used to get the paint off, and also be careful to not strip the original paint job from the factory, now, the majority of the vehicles are a total loss or salvage.

Can The Owners Use Their Insurance?

The answer to that question is yes, but what happens then is the title on the vehicle will be labeled as "salvaged" and that will decrease the value of the vehicle and also make it harder to sell because that information should always be disclosed.

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I hope this business can recover from this terrible crime.

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