The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of many that made an impact on African American people in this country as well as all people. He stood for civil rights and equality for all and we should all be thankful and proud of that and the many accomplishments that he made and those that have been made over the many years since his death.

I often wonder sometimes whether or not we get so caught up in the dream so much that we lose sight of trying to discover our true selves and our origins as a people in the Diaspora. I think about the other leaders like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X that tried to instill in us the knowledge of self and understanding of who we are as decedents of African people. In order for one to truly be able to give back to others they must have a thorough knowledge of who they are first and then the ability to merge that understanding (of self) with others.

Dr. King stood for justice and equality for all and that is why it is so important for us to Know Thyself, so that we can achieve the justice and equality that Dr. King stood for!

Nothing comes to sleepers but a DREAM!

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