I picked up the newspaper this morning and the "CITY & REGION" headlines read: "

Reportedly, The Erie County Water Authority recently hired the brother of County Executive, Mark Poloncarz...and the sister of the fiance of Erie County Republican Chairperson Nicholas Langworthy for two $55, 132 jobs which were unadvertised and subject to STATE REQUIRED CIVIL SERVICE EXAMS!

Both positions that were filled were competitive postions in which a full time employee is decided upon based on test scores...but the test never happened.  Both positions were filled pre-maturely.  The reason: According to The Buffalo News story; Water Authority Commissioners, Francis Warthling and Earl L. Jann claim they had to fill the positions immediately and there wasn't enough time to go through the usual (REQUIRED) protocol.

Water Authority Commissioner, Earl L. Jann (according to The Buffalo News) commented that he is "DISTURBED" by the negative attention this is getting compared to all the great things the Water Authority has done.

I beg your pardon!!!?  Are we supposed to overlook STATE REQUIREMENTS now?  Maybe the DMV will forgive me letting my insurance and registration lapse, ...or even better yet, when the next local election rolls around we'll just forego the formalities and STATE REQUIREMENTS and we'll just appoint someone because the election process takes to long.  Please Mr. Jann... hopeful you're not too disturbed by my Blog and opinion that this is hogwash ....in my opinion.!  Let's see what our listeners think!

Do you agree with this?  Is it acceptable?  Maybe so, maybe not... what do you think?

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