Buffalo Public School Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash talks about the re-opening plan, including virtual learning, special needs students, busing and more, with Yasmin Young.

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Dr. Cash talks about in-school learning.  He anticipates that about one third of students may return for in-school courses, which is being in the classroom five days a week.

For parents who aren't comfortable with their children going into the school, Buffalo Public Schools will offer virtual learning. Dr. Cash talks about what parents need to know about virtual learning.

Dr. Cash talks about what the district will be doing to help keep students safe, if they do opt-in for in-school learning.

Dr. Cash speaks about the district's plan for special needs students.

Dr. Cash speaks about how the district has been meeting with and addressing the needs of teachers, administrators, and support staff. The district is meeting on-going as needed to address concerns.

Dr. Cash talks about where the district is with its plan for busing students safely.

Buffalo Public Schools said this about its reopening plan,

"In developing this plan, community input and engagement guided our decision making. To be clear, this current plan may change, maybe even many times before and after the new school year begins based on guidance we receive concerning the appropriate response to the virus. We will remain in daily contact with our health agency partners and elected officials to stay informed of the latest updates. We will continually receive and analyze data and feedback to make the most informed decisions and provide routine updates to our BPS community."

You can find the BPS reopening plan here. You can also take a survey and give your feedback.

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