Imagine going to take your driver’s license test and BOOM, you can’t even take it! Well, that’s exactly what happened to Reginald D. Wooding Jr, 22, when the driver’s license examiner caught a whiff of marijuana coming from the car, according to USAToday.

Authorities said that Reginald was in his mom’s car waiting to take the test at the facility in Glen Burnie, Md. The instructor ended up alerting one the officers at the facility, and that’s where everything went downhill.

The officer ended up finding one pound of marijuana, a scale and about $15k. To make matters worse, they also found a loaded handgun all up in the vehicle.

Reginald planned on passing his test that day but he is going have to wait a while now because he was arrested on the spot.

Police claim that the money is probably drug related. Wooding was charged with several drug- and firearm-related violations and was released later on a $7,500 bond.

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