There was an iguana found at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. It wasn't just one of those small little geckos that run by your feet when you're in Florida either. This was a big guy.

But, WHY was the iguana on the field at Highmark Stadium?

The Sunday Night football crews were coming from Florida on Friday to get ready for the game between the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers. When they arrived and they were setting up, one of the production staff thought that there was a 'green cord' in the equipment bin. In fact, it was actually the tail of an iguana that accidentally made its way in there and took the trip up to Buffalo, New York.

When they found the iguana though, it was 'iguana frozen'. What does that mean? To protect itself, the iguana will go into a state of 'shock' when the temperatures get under 45-ish degrees. The SPCA of Erie County got the phone call Friday afternoon and came to help at Highmark Stadium.

The new name for the iguana: Steffon Digguana.

Epic name.

The iguana is doing fine and the vet will be there today to check it out. You can see the video from Sunday Night Football below.

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