This week on NewTube Thursday we have a nice selection of artists. Mr “I Invented Sex” finally released visuals for “Dive In”! Miguel is pulling a Rick Ross popping up with back to back music videos. And of course the Boss is around AGAIN . Meek Mill and Wale making the Maybach presence very strong ! Oh yea don’t forget to check out the BONUS FEATURE from Ms. "Ice" which I’m sure you will all enjoy.


Im going to SPARK it off with Miguel’s video “The Thrill”. In this video he does a very good job in letting you see how he spends his time one road, at his concerts and simply just having fun with his crew. The one thing that stands out in this video is that he is genuinely enjoying himself nothing looks staged very natural which WBLK can co-sign because Jazzy T hosted a meet & greet and well you can check out the footage yourself!

So there has been a lot of jokes circulating around Rick Ross and diced pineapples well guess what Rozay gets the last laugh because it’s actually apart of a diet he was instructed to follow by his Dr!, but now that were over that this video DICED PINEAPPLES all I have to say is that this combination of artist can transform and cater to all styles of music and still stay true to their talent AND RAP oh yea after watching this video I have noticed of rappers got a thing for that Brown ICE (brown skin kold joints) see for yourself and start counting.

Meek Mill and Big Sean most definitely bring the heat and really let that track BURN along with the scenery , Meek Mill’s really let us know why he’s a Mayback affiliate right off back with his delivery! These two Men show off their rap appeal alongside with some pretty exotic women ,animals, and cars keep an eye out for the whip Big Sean standing in and let us know which super hero would whip this, enjoy!

Trey Songz Dive In- Well it looks like Trey Songz had to put the Kold Joints on freeze with this one because I was clearly stuck to the screen his commercial even has the essence to shut you up and make you anticipate the next scene, the video starts off…. well you know what you’ll have to just watch this blind 7, all I have to say is the song and the video has some interesting parallels, kind of like a soap opera get your popcorn out!

***************** BONUS ****************************
Sean Paul ft. Kelly Rowland – How deep is your love

It’s about time these two enter the NEWTUBE world not only are they good artist but they know how to act out lyrics they become invested in what they are saying which always makes good viewing enjoy

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