Power 93.7 WBLK shows love to Buffalo and WNY artists inside Homegrown Heat (The 716 Show). Here's the playlist for January 23.

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Power 93.7 WBLK is now accepting songs from Buffalo and WNY artists for airplay in our 716 Power Jam competition and or The 716 Show. Submit your song here. Every Friday, at 5:45 pm, we play the winning song as the 716 Power Jam.

Homegrown Heat (The 716 Show) is currently hosted by Yasmin Young. It airs after The Go Getta Show, from 2 am to 2:30 am early Saturday mornings.

Here's the playlist for Homegrown Heat (The 716 Show) January 23, 2021:

1. Brownie Babyy - Undefeated
2. Lay Stackz - Got the Juice
3. 2Ataa - Ticket
4. Uncle Harvey - 64
5. Komadyan - Ahh Owww
6. King Dagger - Talk to Me Nice
7. Top Grease - I'm Great (I'm G.O.A.T.)
8. Spillz f. Nice - Picture Me Rolling
9. K.I.D. Hellcat f. Jrey Cash - Welfare Baby
10. Kyria & T Ferg - Fun Tonight

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