Where is your tax refund? You filed well before the deadline and it's still a no-show. According to News 10 ABC your wait could turn into months rather than weeks, but why? The I.R.S. website states that there are a few reasons that may be causing delays. Here are a few:

  • Paper tax returns are taking longer to process
  • You tax return is incomplete
  • Your tax return Is affected by identity theft or fraud
  • Tax filings that required a review for incorrect Recovery Rebate Credit amounts.
  • Tax filings that used 2019 income to figure Earned Income Tax Credit
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So what should you do if your refund hasn't been deposited into your account or mailbox? First don't call the I.R.S. This is what they suggest:

  • Expect delays, don't panic, if you mailed a paper return
  • Expect delays if you had to respond to an I.R.S. inquiry about your e-filing
  • Wait at least 21 days from filing before taking action
  • After 21 days check 'Where's My Refund', if it tells you to contact the I.R.S. call them at 1-800-829-1040
  • Best time to call the I.R.S. is late afternoon and late week.
  • Do not file a second tax return

Once you file your taxes and see that you will be getting a refund life gets a bit lighter. The walk to the mailbox each day turns into something you look forward to and checking your bank account is like waiting for a slot machine to pay off. That wait is turning into worry for some around the Capital Region.

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