June is National Healthy Homes Month. I had a chance to talk to Dr. Gale Burstein, Commissioner of the Erie County Department of Health, about how you can make your home healthy. Here's what she recommends.

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"The campaign’s aim is to focus national attention on ways to keep people of all ages safe and healthy in their homes, help people connect their health to their homes, and boost awareness and understanding of what federal and local resources are available." ~ National Center for Healthy Housing

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"We spend a lot of time in our homes.  Some people are working from their homes.  Kids may still be attending summer school and a lot of the day camps are virtual camps and so they're attending those camps at home.  So it's really important that we keep our homes health." ~ Dr. Burstein via my interview

Dr. Burstein gives a very comprehensive check list of things you can do to keep your home healthy, including not smoking indoors, making sure carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working properly, furniture is anchored to walls, expired medicine is disposed of properly and more.

Healthy Home Resources:
- If you are looking for a place to safely dispose of any needles or drugs, you can click here for various locations around Western New York.

- To view the CDC resources for safe children, click here.

- Visit the Center for Healthy Housing's website here.

- For resources on preventing household furniture from tipping over and injuring children or other family members, click here.

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